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Grief and Bereavement Counseling

By definition, bereavement is the act of grieving due to the death of a loved one or friend. When someone loses a loved one as a result of a divorce or a relationship, this can bring up similar feelings and characteristics of a grief episode. These types of emotional hardships and grief are very different from learning to cope each day with the ultimate finality of death, therefore requiring a very different approach to healing. Bereavement faces a situation that unfortunately cannot be changed. When someone suffers from the loss of a loved one who is deceased, it becomes increasingly difficult to accept the fact that there is nothing anyone can do to bring them back.

However, loss is a part of life and it is a reality that we all must face in our daily lives. Whether it be the loss of a partner, parent, friend, child or family pet, a loss of any kind brings change and transition regardless of the type of loss. These feelings can be difficult to manage and delay the grieving process necessary to heal and move forward in your life. It is a very confusing and overwhelming time.

Bereavement counselors

WORDEN'S Four Tasks of Mourning

One of the most common models that trained bereavement counselors work with is WORDEN'S Four Tasks of Mourning:

  • To accept the reality of the loss.
  • To experience the pain of grief.
  • To invest in new roles and relationships.
  • To adjust to a world in which the loved one is missing.
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Lisa Dawes is a Board Certified "Life Coach" and "Life Purpose and Career Coach" BCC CCE and a Certified Grief and Bereavement Counselor.
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