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Relationship Coaching

After going through a terrible break-up, you are left feeling drained and depressed. You may feel lost, confused, and empty. But sometimes a breakup can be a good thing because it gives you a chance to re-evaluate your life and might even help you find someone more suitable. Remember, you can move on after a break-up regardless of how bad the experience may have been.

With my Six Steps To Relationship Recovery I will help you find your path back to your authentic self. You will gain self-esteem, confidence and most of all find that happiness and the inner peace that you thought would never return. I will provide the tools and support you need to successfully complete each step.

Action Plan

Six Steps to Relationship Recovery


Allow yourself time to adequately grieve for your lost relationship. Many of us feel that by replacing our partner with a new one, it will take away all the pain. But what you are really doing is prolonging the healing process which not only hurts you, but the other person involved. This is simply replacing one heartache for another. Taking the time you need to grieve will benefit you in creating a healthy and happy new beginning.


Surround yourself with family and friends (make sure they have your best interest at heart). Start out by doing small things such as coffee in the morning and a movie (comedy, not romantic) or dinner plans at night. Morning and evenings are the hardest times after a breakup, so be sure to surround yourself with loved ones at this time. If you can't be with them in person, stay connected by phone.


Take yourself on dates. Once you've completed your grieving process begin to date yourself. Simply do the things you love to do. This will not only make you happy, it will help you rediscover your authentic self. Take the time to know YOU again.


Trust your own voice. Never let someone talk you into a new relationship unless you know you are ready. This is part of strengthening your inner self. Make sure you are strong enough to know what you want.


Change old patterns. Once you rediscover yourself, you can begin to change old patterns. This will prevent you from making the same mistakes you've made in your past relationships. You never want to bring your old relationship into your new one; you will only set yourself up for failure.


Create the partner you want. Bring a notebook and a pen with you and find your most safe and comfortable space. Write down everything you want in a partner and be clear because it's the little things that are missing that catch up with you later on in a relationship. When you begin dating, make sure to talk about what you both need and want from each other. Remember, there is no perfect relationship. You just need to make sure that it works for the both of you. The key elements to a successful relationship are: loyalty, acceptance, respect, and love.

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